About the SoCr International Symposium and Conference

Fostering Global Creativity: Empowering Innovators, Shaping Tomorrow

The School of Creativity’s annual international symposiums and conferences play a pivotal role in fostering a dynamic research and collaboration environment within the global creative and design community. These events serve as a crucial platform for knowledge sharing, enabling researchers, designers, and creative professionals to showcase their work, delve into emerging trends, and exchange valuable insights.

Through workshops, tutorials, and panel discussions, the school facilitates exposure to the latest innovations and best practices, thereby contributing significantly to the professional development of participants.

The emphasis on international participation ensures a diverse range of perspectives, enriching discussions on global trends and challenges in creativity and design. Moreover, the symposiums aim to collectively address pressing global issues such as climate change, the economy, and best practices for education, technology, and society, fostering a collaborative approach to finding innovative solutions on a global scale.

International Symposiums and Conferences

The International Bilateral Symposium between India and Malaysia

Influencing Global Creativity and Cultural Narratives

International Conference of Art, Architecture, Design & Creative Expressions

(ICAADCE 2023)

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