The Bilateral and Cross-Cultural International Research Symposium, is at collaborative endeavor organized by the School of Creativity at Rishihood University, India and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia. This innovative symposium is designed to be a melting pot of ideas, insights, and innovations that transcend borders, fostering a rich exchange of perspectives in the realm of creativity.

In an era where globalization intertwines diverse cultures and ideas, understanding the nuances of creativity across different societies becomes crucial. The School of Creativity at Rishihood University and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia, have joined hands to create a platform that goes beyond geographical boundaries, providing a unique space for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to explore the intersection of creativity and culture.

Our symposium aims to bridge the gaps between various cultural contexts, acknowledging that creativity is shaped by and influences the cultural tapestry. By bringing together experts and enthusiasts from different corners of the world, we aspire to create a vibrant intellectual space where cross-cultural insights can illuminate the multifaceted dimensions of creativity.

As we embark on this academic journey, we invite you to engage in meaningful discussions, share your research findings, and explore collaborative opportuni- ties that transcend geographical constraints. Let us collectively unravel the threads that connect creativity and culture, contributing to a global understanding of how innovation flourishes in diverse contexts.

Join us at the Cross-Cultural International Research Symposium as we celebrate the unity in diversity, paving the way for a more interconnected and culturally enriched future in the realm of creativity.


  • Rich Traditions: Delve into the historical significance of Khadi in India and Batik in Malaysia, exploring how these traditions have shaped cultural identities and narratives over the centuries.
  • Innovative Spirit: Examine the innovative strides taken in contemporary times, as artisans and designers infuse new life into Khadi and Batik, pushing the bound- aries of tradition while preserving the essence of these crafts.
  • Interconnected Cultural Narratives: Unravel the threads that bind India and Malaysia through the shared heritage of Khadi and Batik, fostering a deeper un- derstanding of the cultural interconnectedness between these two nations.
  • Global Impact: Assess the global resonance of Khadi and Batik, considering their influence on international fashion, art, and design, and how these crafts con- tribute to a rich global tapestry.

India-Malaysia Relations

This symposium not only explores the crafts themselves but also serves as a plat- form to strengthen the cultural ties between India and Malaysia. By fostering dia- logue and collaboration, we aim to enhance the exchange of ideas, techniques, and experiences, nurturing a cross-cultural understanding that goes beyond the realms of Khadi and Batik.

We invite scholars, artists, designers, and enthusiasts to participate in this unique exploration of creativity and tradition. Let us come together to celebrate the fusion, innovation, and interconnectedness of Khadi and Batik in a global tapes- try, crafting futures that resonate with the rich heritage of India and Malaysia.

Embark on this inspiring journey with us as we unravel the stories woven into every thread, discovering the shared narratives that unite us across borders. Wel- come to “Crafting Futures” – where tradition meets innovation on a global canvas.

About the Symposium

The anticipation is palpable as we welcome you to the International Symposium on “Crafting Futures: Fusion, Innovation, and the Interplay of Khadi and Batik in a Global Tapestry.” Hosted in collaboration with the vibrant cultures of India and Malaysia, this symposium promises to be a transformative journey into the realms of Khadi and Batik, exploring their profound impact on global creativity and cultural narratives.

The chosen theme reflects our commitment to understanding and celebrating the dynamic interplay between Khadi and Batik, two iconic textile traditions deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of India and Malaysia, respectively. “Crafting Futures” encapsulate the spirit of innovation and fusion that defines the evolution of these crafts, weaving a narrative that transcends borders and connects the artistic traditions of two nations.


Symbol of Swaraj and Gandhi’s Legacy: Khadi, often hailed as the “fabric of self-reliance” and a symbol of Swaraj, carries with it the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy. Its historical significance is deeply rooted in the Indian independence movement, where it became a symbol of self-sufficiency and a powerful tool for socio-economic empowerment. The symposium aims to explore the continued relevance of Khadi in the modern context, examining its role in sustainable fashion, ethical production, and cultural representation.


The Rich Craft of Malaysia: Batik, on the other hand, is an ancient art form with its roots in Malaysia. This intricate craft involves the application of wax to fabric, creating stunning patterns and designs. The symposium seeks to celebrate the artistic heritage of Batik, showcasing its evolution over time and its global impact. Through discussions and presentations, participants will gain insights into how Batik has become a symbol of Malaysian identity and cultural expression.

Global Tapestry

Interweaving Traditions and Innovations: The chosen theme emphasizes not only the individual significance of Khadi and Batik but also their interconnectedness on a global scale. By exploring the fusion of these two crafts, the symposium aims to highlight the potential for innovative collaborations, where traditional techniques meet modern design and technology. This interplay contributes to the creation of a vibrant and diverse global tapestry that reflects the shared narratives and influences between cultures.

Emphasize sustainable practices in the production of Khadi and Batik, addressing environmental concerns and promoting ethical production methods. Global Tapestry showcase the diverse applications of Khadi and Batik in various artistic disci- plines, creating a global tapestry that reflects the fusion of cultures and ideas.

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The Symposium tracks aim to provide a comprehensive platform for discussions and Collaborations embracing the sub theme of “Centre and Peripheries” within the realms of design, knowledge, and economies.

Design for Social Impact

– Socially Responsible Design: Presenting case studies and strategies for using design to address social challenges.
– Inclusive Design Practices: Highlighting approaches to ensure that design is accessible and beneficial for diverse populations.

Digital Transformation and Design

– Digital Design Ecosystems: Examining the digital transformation of design. industries.
– Technological Convergence: Exploring how emerging technologies shape the design landscape.
– Cross-Cultural Design Heritage and the role of new technologies.

Eco-Design and Sustainability

– Sustainable Design Practices.
– Circular Economy in Design: Strategies for implementing circular design principles.

Designing for Cultural Diplomacy

– Cultural Representation in Design: Discussing how design can be a tool for representing and preserving cultural identities.
– Designing Diplomatic Spaces: Exploring the role of design in fostering international relations and collaborations.
– Exploration of traditional design influences and how they contribute to the cultural heritage.
– Preservation and innovation in traditional design practices: Balancing the continuity of heritage with contemporary design.

Ecosystems in Design Education and Research Collaboration

– Collaborative Research Initiatives: Showcasing successful cross border research projects in design.
– Educational Exchange Programs: Discussing opportunities for collaborative design education programs.

Speculative Design and Futurism

– Future Visions: Exploring speculative design as a tool to envision possible futures.
– Designing for Uncertainty: Strategies for adapting design processes to navigate uncertain futures.
– Influence of Global Trends: Examining how global design trends impact local design ecosystems.
– Challenges and opportunities in navigating the global design landscape.

The symposium will feature a range of activities to engage participants and foster a deeper understanding of Khadi and Batik:

  • Keynote addresses by renowned experts in the fields of Khadi, Batik, and sus- tainable fashion.
  • Panel discussions exploring the historical context, contemporary challenges, and future prospects of these crafts.
  • Workshops and demonstrations allowing participants to experience the craftsmanship firsthand.
  • An exhibition showcasing contemporary artworks and designs inspired by Khadi and Batik from artists around the world in Malaysia – proposed date July 2024.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission

10th March, 2024


5th April, 2024

Full Paper Submission

30th March, 2024


23th - 24th April, 2024